Financial Aid FAQ’s

How do I apply?

Fill out the FAFSA online at and include CVCC federal school code 012182.   (Also using the IRS Data Retrieval on the FAFSA is highly recommended.) You will need your federal FSA ID and you can apply for this ID online at during the application process. This application must be completed each year.

What is FAFSA?

FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.  This is the application that must be completed for your federal financial aid to be determined.  Federal financial aid includes Pell grant, FSEOG, ASAP, and work study.

What is CVCC’s federal school code?

CVCC’s federal school code is 012182.

How do I transfer my financial aid information to CVCC?

Simply go online to make corrections and add CVCC’s school code 012182.  Also request all official transcripts from former college(s) to be sent to CVCC Admission Office.  Once we receive your FAFSA and official transcripts, the Financial Aid Office will let you know if any further documents are required and how much financial aid you have been awarded.

Can I get more than one type of financial aid?

Yes.  There are many combinations of financial aid.  We encourage our students to apply for grants, scholarships and any military benefits that they may qualify.

How do I know if I received financial aid?

When you complete your FAFSA, the federal processor will send a confirmation email.  To know what your finalized award is, refer to the award letter mailed from CVCC Financial Aid Office.  The award letter will list your financial aid awards and the amounts per semester and year.  You can also check Pirate Web online using your student number.

Can I look up my status online?

Yes, simply go to Pirate Web.  Use your student number and password to access your information at CVCC.  You can see what documents are required, financial aid charges and posted grades.

How do I apply for a work study job?

First, complete the FAFSA.  Then come to the Financial Aid Office in Wilson Hall to see if any jobs are available and to complete the remaining paperwork.

When are the Pell checks mailed?

Students who did not use all their Pell grant balance for the semester will be mailed a check.  Generally checks are mailed two weeks after the term begins.    To access your financial aid information use Pirate Web.

How do I appeal my financial aid once I have been placed on financial aid suspension?

To appeal, you simply write a letter explaining the extenuating circumstances which caused you not to meet the Standards of Academic Progress including what has changed to make you a successful student now and attach supporting documentation to your letter.  The letter with the supporting documentation is submitted to the Financial Aid Office for review.  The Financial Aid Office will mail the results of the financial aid appeal.

Financial aid suspension is not the same as an academic suspension.  If a student is placed on academic suspension then he/she must take a full time course load and successfully complete all courses during that semester in order to reestablish his/her financial aid.